Leaders Analytics is a system of digital performance analysis, based on the intervention of ICT experts and an unparalleled algorithm that holds its relevance from scientific research and rigorous process.

Leaders Analytics

We are here to provide you with an accurate and a comprehensive diagnosis as well as a promising vision of the future for the optimization of your digital performance

You want to be in the forefront of enhancing or transforming both your traditional and virtual notoriety? You want to create value and build a successful company with a strong brand image in the digital economy?

Henceforth* Leaders Analytics allows you to analyze, develop and support your company's digital fingerprint. Take advantage of our know-how and expertise in order to strengthen your competitiveness on your target market and various business territories.

* ACCESS LEADER GROUP, is an IT service provider at the origin of this new initiative to combine the efforts of all its divisions in order to spread its knowledge and assert its expertise as an influential player in the ICT ecosystem.


Advanced advantages that make the difference!
  • Personalized and enriched service;
  • Approach based on human intervention of diagnosis, analysis and an interpretation backed on a rigorous and efficient algorithm that collects and analysis data necessary for the definition of your digital performance;
  • Continuing development of features integrated on a regular basis;
  • Competitive price that fits your budget;
  • Excellent quality of reporting and analysis;
  • Upgradeable to suit your needs;
  • Prompt support for emergencies.


Conception of a vision based on facts and not on subjective opinions.

Leaders Analytics provides you with:

  • Evaluation of your business needs according to the value chain and the positioning of your company in relation to its growth cycle;
  • Diagnosis of your digital identity (strengths and weaknesses);
  • Your competitive positioning in relation to the actors influencing your industry;
  • Study of the perception of the target audience and adjusting the strategy to be established for maximum efficiency;
  • Analysis covering the seven dimensions of digital performance and nearly 470 performance indicators that reflect realistically and objectively your reputation and your brand;
  • Conception of a vision based on facts and not on subjective opinions;
  • Maximizing the return on your investment;
  • Support of the digital campaign according to your business goals and your budget, in adequacy with the level of service you wish to make.

For who?

Maximum efficiency for all types of customers who wish to evaluate their digital performance, analyze their Internet presence and develop their digital identity

The customers to whom we wish to offer our services consist mainly of SMEs, communication and public relations agencies, institutions, organizations and citizens:

  • Evaluating their reputation and analyzing their Internet presence;
  • Stopping the spread of unwanted and defamatory information about them, as a result of smear campaigns or targeted media attacks;
  • Reclaiming their virtual identity after a usurpation of the latter or phishing;
  • Overcoming image crises and destabilization attempts that may considerably affect their reputation and credibility;
  • Increasing their reputation and bringing them closer to their target audience.

Our Approach

Managing an digital performance requires a good knowledge of the Web, the mastery of new technological tools, but above all an optimal and rigorous methodological approach.

Thanks to its expertise in information technology, digital communication and digital marketing, the team of Leaders Analytics deploys a working methodology in nine steps:

  • Evaluation and contextual adaptation;
  • Preliminary analysis and illustration of digital performance;
  • Evaluation and use of digital identity;
  • Definition of objectives and identification of needs;
  • Identification of strategic recommendations;
  • Development of acquisition and conversion strategies;
  • Deployment of implemented strategy of the transformation and development process;
  • Continuous optimization and ensuring the translation of daily actions.

Our approach is based on a unique algorithm that holds its relevance from scientific research and rigorous process. The intervention of our consultants remains an indispensable element in the validation and approval of our strategic recommendations and our concrete actions for the development and optimization.

Collecter Collect

Based on the collection of elaborated qualitative and quantitative data and structured analysis of your digital performance, Leaders Analytics provides you with essential information for the understanding of your competitive positioning on your market and in the macro environment.

Analyser Analyze

The analysis is done using a logical software and instructions covering nearly 470 470variables and specific parameters, some of which were developed to meet the extensive needs of our customers, covering the seven dimensions of quantitative and qualitative analysis that characterize our own methodology.

Optimiser Optimize

Our recommendations will be punctuated by the advice of our counselors and our ICT business development specialists. We favor a pragmatic and customized approach to provide you with a thorough analysis, appropriate recommendations and quality support with a view to ensure a constantly evolving stunning positioning.

Si l’internaute ne se sent pas interpellé par le contenu que vous offrez, il ira voir ailleurs, chez vos compétiteurs.

Les gens utilisent Internet pour obtenir des informations facilement. Vous devez leur fournir le contenu qu’ils recherchent afin de les interpeller.

Un contenu apprécié entraine automatiquement la fidélité des internautes.

L’objectif ultime est de présenter une plateforme Web efficace où les internautes pourront naviguer aisément.

Les internautes n’ont plus beaucoup de temps à perdre : votre site doit être facile à lire et facile à consulter.

entraine un taux de conversion supérieur et plus rapide.

Des milliards de pages existent et la concurrence est féroce. Être à l’affut des dernières technologies en matière d’optimisation de votre image de marque en ligne vous procurera les avantages compétitifs nécessaires.

Sont incontournables pour entrainer des phénomènes viraux.

Permettent de créer une communauté en ligne de partisans de votre marque.

Permettent de connaitre l’opinion positive ou négative des consommateurs et d’en tenir compte.

Toujours avec l’utilisateur, du matin au soir, la traçabilité offre une visibilité détaillée, en temps réel, sur ses comportements, ses habitudes et ses attitudes

La navigation mobile dépassera la navigation classique à partir d’ordinateurs de bureau.

Tenir compte du référencement est essentiel pour exister de manière durable sur Internet.

Sans référencement, on ne peut espérer du trafic qui pourrait constituer une grande opportunité d’affaires.

Un site Web qui se situe dans le haut des résultats de recherche est précieux pour la considération de la marque.

La veille concurrentielle établit les avantages de votre entreprise sur le Web et vous donne une idée des tendances de l’univers numérique.

Les forces et les faiblesses des concurrents doivent être connues afin de se prémunir d’un avantage concurrentiel : s’inspirer des forces et éviter les faiblesses.

See the recipe
  • Contents Interest
  • Ergonomics Organisation
  • Technology Endurance
  • Social media Influence
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Referencing Optimisation
  • Concurrence Vigilance


The audit is an analysis tool aiming to identify strengths and weaknesses of your digital identity. Executed by our analysts, it covers a multitude of predefined criteria. All specifications related to your digital performance will be examined.

The basic package represents a brief analysis that will inform you on the main lines of your digital performance. If you want to know more and take advantage of our advanced services, you will be able to upgrade to one of our packages that best meet your growing needs. We send you a full audit report of your digital performance with figures and advices!

The Plus package is a detailed portrait of your digital performance with several strategic recommendations. Therefore we provide detailed results for each component, but also recommendations that will help you know how overcome your weaknesses.

The advanced package offers you a detailed picture of your digital performance, many strategic recommendations, and personalized support. This support includes turnkey marketing solutions and the management of your digital campaign.e.

Our intervention will be based on the analysis of your main competitor or of all your competitors’ digital performance in order to evaluate your position in relation to the different players in your industry. We could assist you with the aim to undertake a digital campaign that will differentiate you from your competitors.


  • Sector audit
  • SWOT analysis
  • Analysis of seven dimensions
  • Content
  • Ergonomics
  • Technology
  • Social Media
  • Mobile
  • Referencing
  • Competition
  • Best business practices
  • Preliminary report and recommendations
  • Strategic Action Plan
  • Meeting and assessment
  • Establishing the strategy
  • Deployment and support
  • PDF Report
  • Online Dashboard


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Website, Facebook page, company profile on Linkedin, etc.
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Website, Facebook page, company profile on Linkedin, etc.

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